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Apartments better than in a hotel!

10 reasons why it is better to stay in an apartment than in a hotel.

1. Feels like home, but still on holidays

I will remember my holidays in Krakow for a long time. I'm the kind of person who likes casual atmosphere, and it was what the apartment gave me.

Magda from Katowice

2. The magic of the city captured within the four walls of the apartment

We are happy that we've chosen an apartment which thanks to its inspiring style and look reflected the magic charm of Krakow.

Duet from Lower Silesia

3. Location

I scheduled a short stay in Wroclaw. Thanks to the location of my apartment I could cope with all of my business arrangements, and I saved some time for sightseeing and exploring interesting sites.

Businessman from Warsaw

4. Silence...

I didn't believe the stories about the silence and peacefulness, which were like taken from a bad movie. And yet! Moments without flashes can happen! My friends, I recommend ONLY THOSE APARTMENTS.

Actor from Warsaw

5. The price is for the living standard, not for the service

Choosing the apartment is a good idea. It's a high standard available at a price lower than the hotel prices. „A man learns during his whole life”. We are positive that we will choose the apartment in the future. — APARTAMENT.

Anna and Stanislaw

6. Free and at ease

Was it me who designed such interior? It's amazing that the thought entered my mind when I saw the apartment!!!

Artist from Kazimierz on the Vistula

7. Empathy

I've decided to book an apartment... Its owners lived in the property. I was really surprised that in the times of rush they were kind enough to tell me something about the city and its habitants. And they also helped me to make new friends. Feels like home!!


8. Romantic atmosphere

I don't regret this decision. I wouldn't create such an atmosphere by myself. I only got the ring and the flowers. Eventually, she answered "Yes". The magic atmosphere of that apartment did the rest. Or maybe I did something more after all ;-)

Iza's fiancé

9. Kitchen

I chose the apartment and thanks to my decision I could use my cooking skills. What's more, I surprised my friends from Gdansk by inviting them for dinner that I prepared on my own. The apartment was the best choice. It all wouldn't have been possible in a hotel.

Cook from Bydgoszcz

10. Always independent...

In the apartments my creativity had no limits. And I'm writing it knowing that another person reaches for my volume. The apartment — unexplored miracle...


If you also tried, and you think that your choice was right, share your opinion with us. Write why it is better to choose an apartment than a hotel. All interesting and original opinions will be published in our service, and the most interesting ones will be rewarded. Justified reasons for choosing the apartments should be sent to: with a title: "It's better to choose the apartment".

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