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Payments in

Payment methods offers many methods of payment for a booking. Out clients can pay for their booking by:

  • transferring the required amount of money to one of our bank accounts
  • using the method of Internet payments in the system
  • or using a credit card in the system of electronic transactions

Transfer to the bank account of

Our clients are allowed to pay for the booking by transferring the required amount of money to our bank account. Currently, our clients can make their transfers to one of the following bank accounts:

BZ WBK 3 O/Krakow
94 1090 1665 0000 0001 0725 2780

81 1140 2004 0000 3502 5655 9877

The *SWIFT code is the number allowing correct identification of the bank. It is necessary for making bank transfers from abroad.

While making transfers to our bank accounts, we advise you to use the Internet transfer methods offered by your banks, or to make the payments directly at the bank

Hint! We suggest that you do not pay for the booking at the post office because of possible delays while transferring the money to the bank accounts

Płatnoś is a system of On-Line payments thanks to which your money will appear in the target account just several minutes after the transfer. Clients making payments via this method will not incur any costs or commission connected with the payment. Making money transactions in the service via the Płatnoś system is totally free of charge.

The booking number must be always provided in the title of the transfer. Payments made in the Płatnoś system contain numbers of bookings for which they are made, provided automatically in the titles of transfers. Making a transfer at a bank or making a payment into our bank account require providing the number of booking. Providing the number of booking in the title of the transfer is very important, as it allows quick identification of the booking, as well its positive confirmation through the change of the status from initial to proper.

Remember that the time for making the payment for a prepaid and non-prepaid booking is 72 hours from the moment of confirming the booking. For payments for the Last Minute bookings, the time is only 2 hours! Making a payment for non-prepaid and Last Minute bookings is an alternative form of confirming the booking.

Making a payment for a booking must be confirmed on the booking site by clicking on the right button. This will extend the time of awaiting for the entering of your payment into our bank account, and will not allow the automatic cancellation of your booking after the time specified for paying has elapsed.

While making transfers to our bank accounts from abroad, please remember to provide the SWIFT number

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